Herba Mite

Supplementary animal feed for poultry

Herba Mite is a supplementary animal feed for poultry. It is composed of concentrated extracts from aromatic plants. These extracts produce a natural odour barrier against red mite, which disrupts the mite’s reproductive cycle. Research also shows that Herba Mite exerts a positive effect on feed conversion. Herba Mite is a powerful product, which is completely non-toxic.

Feeding advice

  • 14 days of continuous use
  • Thereafter administer once a week

Administration: Mix 500 – 1000 ml with 1000 litres of  drinking water


  • Plant extracts
  • Monopropylene glycol
  • Aromatic flavourings


Storage: Keep out of children’s reach
Expiry date: Two years after production date
Packaging: 20 litres

Registration number VWA/GMP+: 500465
HACCP produced
GMP+ en FSA-geborgd
Made in Holland