Herba Liquid Calf

Supplementary animal feed to boost gut health

Herba Liquid Calf is a supplementary animal feed to boost the gut health and resistance of calves. It contains a concentrated mix of herbal extracts and fatty acids. This unique composition has a positive effect on gut health and infection pressure and it encourages the uptake of feed. By mixing Herba Liquid Calf with drinking water, the calf’s general resistance will improve and it provides support in obtaining and retaining optimal gut health.

Feeding advice

  • 1-2 ml per litre of milk or 1-2 ml per 10 kg of body weight
  • Use immediately from day zero, for a minimum of 14 days

Mix with drinking water or milk.


  • Monopropylene glycol
  • Plant extracts
  • Fatty acids


Storage: Cool, dry and sealed
Packaging: 5 & 10 litres
Expiry date: Two years after the production date

Registration number NVWA/GMP+: 500465
HACCP produced
GMP+ en FSA certified
Made in Holland