Bèta Carotene Bolus

To support the preparation for reproduction.

The Beta Carotene Bolus is a dietetic feed that has been developed for optimal fertility and support during fertility problems. Beta-carotene, also known as provitamin A is of great importance for the fertility of cattle.  Shortages of beta-carotene which disrupt fertility may sometimes occur. This can:

  • delay ovulation with reduced signs of heat;
  • create an increased risk of cyst formation;
  • delay formation of the yellow body;
  • lower production of progesterone resulting in embryonic mortality caused by unsuccessful uterine implantation.

Feeding advice:

  • 1 bolus 2 weeks before insemination
  • 1 bolus 2 weeks before calving
  • The bolus has a dosed release for about 40 days.


Orally, using a suitable bolus applicator.


  • Calcium carbonate
  • Beta-carotene
  • Vitamin A, D3, E


Storage: Cool, dry and sealed
Packaging: 8 x 90 grams
Expiry date: Two years after the production date

Registration number NVWA/GMP+: 500465
HACCP produced
GMP+ and FSA certified
Made in Holland