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  • Stressless

    Provides support during stress

    Stressless contains a unique composition of plant extracts, which provide support during stress among pigs. Stressless reduces stress among pigs that are to be loaded for transport. As a result the pigs become calmer, leading to fewer injuries when they are caught.


Stressless heeft een unieke samenstelling van plantenextracten, die ondersteuning biedt bij stress bij varkens.

  • Herba bac

    Supplementary animal feed to boost gut health.

    Herba Bac is a supplementary animal feed to boost the gut health and resistance of pigs. It contains a concentrated mix of herbal extracts and fatty acids.

    This unique composition exerts a positive effect on gut health and infection pressure and it encourages the uptake of feed. By mixing Herba Bac with the drinking water, the general resistance of the pig improves and it provides support in obtaining and retaining optimal gut health.

Herba Bac

Herba Bac is een aanvullend diervoeder ter ondersteuning van de darmgezondheid en weerstand bij varkens.