In cases of diarrhoea there is often thin, watery faecal waste. This may sometimes be accompanied by pain and intestinal cramps.   Diarrhoea can have a variety of causes, for example incorrect feed, infections (bacteria or viruses) or worms. In the case of an intestinal infection, the effects on health especially in young animals can be significant because irreparable damage to the intestinal wall occurs. Bacteria such as Clostridium and E.Coli, and the Rota and Corona viruses are well-known causes of diarrhoea.

The best way to prevent diarrhoea is to ensure good hygiene, the timely provision of sufficient colostrum and good resistance.

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Bica Bolus

Diarrhoea in cows leads to the loss of large volumes of fluids and electrolytes, which results in acidosis (acidification). Cows affected with acidosis lose their desire to drink and this results in a dehydration and electrtolyte deficiencies.

  • Bica Bolus

    To support the acid-base balance in the rumen.

    The Bica Bolus is a supplementary animal feed (mineral feed). The Bica Bolus contains a high-quality form of sodium bicarbonate for a direct increase of the rumen pH. In cows with a disrupted acid-base balance, there is no desire to drink and this results in a shortage of fluids and electrolytes.

    The Bica Bolus contains sodium bicarbonate, which corrects the deficiency. The prebiotics in the Bica Bolus stimulate the uptake of vitamins and minerals. The Bica Bolus restores the acid-base balance, thus decreasing the risk of a drop in milk fat content, laminitis and reduced milk yield.