An abcess is an encapsulated build-up of pus, usually as the result of a bacterial infection. Abcesses that are the result of an active infection feel warm to the touch and are painful. The animal absorbs the toxins from the abcess (that are produced by the bacteria and dying tissue cells), and this results in the animal developing fever and possibly being lethargic. The abcess then spreads to the area with least resistance. Depending on where the abcess is situated, it will break outwards through the skin. When abcesses do not break through of themselves, this must be done by a veterinarian. The abcess must remain open for a number of days so that all the pus can drain, leaving behind a wound.

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Flash Bolus

The Flash Bolus is a supplementary animal feed (mineral feed). It has been developed to boost disease resistance and body condition. It contains a mix of carefully selected herbal extracts, prebiotics and vitamins.

  • Flash Bolus

    To boost udder health

    The Flash Bolus is a supplementary animal feed (mineral feed), developed to support problems with udder health. The bolus contains a mix of carefully selected herbal extracts, prebiotics and vitamins. Weaker animals or animals that are under stress (for example, around the time of calving) run an increased risk of infections, udder problems and reduced milk production. It is essential that the animal is kept in optimal condition. The Flash bolus naturally boosts the udder health of the cow. This bolus requires no waiting time before milk and meat consumption.