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Reduction of antibiotics in livestock production

In light of shifting consumer demand and regulatory pressure, there is a clear trend to reduce or completely remove antibiotics from production. The widespread use of antibiotics in livestock production has therefore come under increasing scrutiny.

The main driver of this trend is antimicrobial resistance: the ability of pathogenic bacteria to become resistant to one or more antibiotics can render those drugs ineffective, with profound implications for the animal health, direct environment and ultimately human health.

Sustainable impact on agriculture

The impact on livestock will is effected by our product that consist of herbal extracts and essential oils impact the animal health which will eventually result in longer life and more valuable life.

This sustainable approach of livestock management impacts farmers economically since they will have better and longer production quality.

Meets international food production regulation

All EU states have been consolidating ‘A European One Health Action Plan against Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)‘ for the EU to be a best practice region in the minimization and ultimately vanishment of antibiotics in food livestock production. Our products align with those EU and Dutch national regulations.

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