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There is an increasing demand in the current livestock sector for sustainable products that reduce the need for antibiotics, contribute to better animal health and improved productivity. This trend is not only to be found in the Netherlands, but also in many other parts of the world.

Biochem Products develops and manufactures products that improve animal health and productivity in a sustainable way. Essential oils, plant extracts and vitamins are the basis of all our products.


All products are developed and produced by Biochem Products in the Netherlands.

Biochem Products is GMP+ certified. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. In concrete terms this means that the GMP norm lays down from A to Z how a product is composed and produced. The Plus in GMP Plus stands for the addition of the HACCP norm to the GMP norm. This HACCP norm is a risk inventory for  foodstuffs and thus forms a good complement to the GMP norm. In the Netherlands this norm is used to guarantee the quality and safety of animal feed.

All raw materials come from Europe  and thus satisfy the specifications of EU legislation.

Biochem Products has its products analysed by accredited laboratories.

Innovation through collaboration with universities, including the University of Wageningen.


  • Udder Vital Bolus

    Mineral bolus that boosts udder vitality and resistance.

    The Udder-Vital Bolus is a supplementary animal feed (mineral feed) to boost the animal’s udder vitality and general resistance. This mineral bolus has been developed to provide many beneficial health effects and has broad applicability. It also helps to reduce the use of antibiotics.

    The Udder-Vital Bolus can be used for weak animals and during the transition period (during dry-off periods and when milking restarts). Good resistance will prevent many problems. The Udder-Vital Bolus is a slow release bolus over a period of approximately 7 days. The bolus requires no waiting time before milk and meat can be delivered for consumption.

  • Flash Bolus

    Mineral bolus that boosts udder health

    The Flash Bolus is a supplementary animal feed (mineral feed), developed to support problems with udder health. The bolus contains a mix of carefully selected herbal extracts, prebiotics and vitamins. Weaker animals or animals that are under stress (for example, around the time of calving) run an increased risk of infections, udder problems and reduced milk production. It is essential that the animal is kept in optimal condition. The Flash bolus naturally boosts the udder health of the cow. This bolus requires no waiting time before milk and meat consumption.

  • Nopa Bolus

    Mineral bolus for relief after calving and during hoof and udder health problems.

    The Nopa Bolus is a supplementary animal feed (mineral feed) that can be used in situations where hoof or udder health is compromised. Certain factors may cause stress in cows, such as a difficult birth. In this type of situation administration of the Nopa Bolus is recommended. The Nopa Bolus’ unique composition helps to boost the cow’s resistance.

    When to use the Nopa Bolus:

    • After calving
    • For udder and hoof problems
    • In cases of reduced cow resistance
  • Bèta Carotene Bolus

    Mineral bolus that supports the preparation for reproduction.

    The Beta Carotene Bolus is a dietetic feed that has been developed for optimal fertility and support during fertility problems. Beta-carotene, also known as provitamin A is of great importance for the fertility of cattle.  Shortages of beta-carotene which disrupt fertility may sometimes occur. This can:

    • delay ovulation with reduced signs of heat;
    • create an increased risk of cyst formation;
    • delay formation of the yellow body;
    • lower production of progesterone resulting in embryonic mortality caused by unsuccessful uterine implantation.

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